Intercontinental Idlewild Bar Singapore

The Project

Located in the famous InterContinental Singapore, this retro-luxe cocktail bar named after the Idlewild Airport (now called the John F. Kennedy International Airport) harkens back to the golden age of air travel from the 1940s-1960s. Vight is proud to be a part of this legendary bar.

The lavish interior, designed by HASSEL, required sophisticated lighting designs to enhance its intimate atmosphere. Standard features include the custom-made chandeliers comprised of intricate crystal glass pieces. Gazing up from below, the crystals glisten beautifully.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, brass sconce lights inspired by champagne bubbles create ambience, whilst the art deco-inspired bar and table lights provide functional illumination for mixing cocktails and dining. Other details include the bespoke brass signage welcoming guests into this dramatic setting.



Bar Entrance, Idlewild, Singapore