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Determining how to light a room isn’t as simple as plugging in your favorite table lamp. A well-lit room seeks to achieve that ever-important balance of form and function—fixtures that are visually appealing and add to a room’s design, while also providing the right light to make the room functional for all of its uses. The best approach is layered lighting: Making use of several times of light in order to achieve the needed level of brightness.




We work with international designers, architects, and lighting consultants all over the globe helping to realise their visions for our clients’ unique spaces. Our design process starts with unfiltered creative brainstorming in order to fully realise the essence of the project, after which we adopt a development process where we think boldly, and then edit down in order to fit our environment, budget, and clients’ desires. Our design team relishes a challenge and they bring their knowledge of materials and skills in practical application to create beautiful bespoke lighting.




Our talented, in-house studio crew utilizes the latest technologies and computer programs to create life-like renders, allowing our clients to accurately view their products before production. These photo-realistic images can be used in lieu of samples, saving the client money, and more importantly, time. We keep in close communication with interior designers and architects to make sure the renders fit the designs for the utmost accuracy, ensuring that when the final product is produced, it is in line with our client’s expectations.

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